Guests Checklist

1. Carry your identification document (passport for non-residents and Emirates ID for residents) as mandated by UAE authorities. (MANDATORY)
2. If you know that you can get seasick, make sure you take anti-seasickness tablets at least one hour before departure.
3. Apply plenty of sun cream throughout your charter, Preparing for Guests, and also bring a sun hat and sunglasses.
4. No shoes are allowed inside our yachts.
5. Take warm clothes when it gets cooler towards the end of the afternoon or evening.
6. Carry a camera and any phone devices if you wish to capture special moments.
7. Bring any music support (phone, USB, etc.) to play the music of your choice while onboard.
8. Shisha pipes are strictly prohibited by law.
9. No glasses are allowed on deck if the yacht is underway.
10. Although not mandatory, tips are a standard practice and are accepted in the Emirates. Tips represent a gesture that recognizes the crew’s effort to go beyond the line of duty and keep them motivated.
11. Finally, and for your safety and well-being, we highly recommend you listen carefully to your captain throughout the journey, as he is your primary reference for any issues regarding safety or the operation of equipment onboard.
12. Pack any necessary medications or personal items you may need during the trip.
13. Bring a valid form of payment for any additional services or purchases onboard.
14. Keep valuables secured and be mindful of your belongings at all times.
15. Familiarize yourself with emergency procedures and the location of safety equipment onboard.
16. Respect the marine environment by avoiding littering ,Preparing for Guests and following guidelines for waste disposal.
17. Communicate any dietary restrictions or preferences to the crew in advance.
18. Stay hydrated throughout the journey by drinking plenty of water.
19. Limit alcohol consumption and drink responsibly to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.
20. Have a positive attitude and be open to new experiences while embracing the beauty of the sea.

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