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7 Reasons to Spend New Year’s Eve on a Luxury Yacht

The coming year is about to unfold and it is only fitting that we celebrate all the good things that this year has given us. Hosting a party would be the ideal way to welcome the coming year, but doing it on the same, old events places might feel like a little...

Captain Log December 31st 2015

Every year Dubai greets the New Year in a fantastic and memorable way with many events. The most exciting is the fireworks show. After having broken the world record for the largest and longest fireworks display in the world for the NYE 2014 celebrations, plans are on...

Tips to Charter a Luxury Yacht in Dubai

Chartering a luxury yacht in Dubai is quite easy. However, you need to look at few points to avoid that a long time dreamed cruise ends up in a disappointing cruise. An authorized yacht must show a very visible registration plate “DT…..” followed by the registration...


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