Aquarius New Year Eve 2018


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Sail into a world of opulence and usher in the New Year with unrivaled extravagance! Seize the opportunity to secure your private cruise and catapult your New Year’s Eve into an extraordinary realm of luxury. Prepare for an exclusive toast to 2019 with our tailor-made New Year’s Eve Yacht Offer, a commitment to providing festivities beyond the boundaries of imagination. Envision your private yacht gracefully nestled in a prime location, offering panoramic views of the iconic Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and Atlantis—an exquisite backdrop for clinking glasses with your favorite bubbly.

Our offerings transcend the conventional notion of a mere cruise—they encompass a 6-hour odyssey along the illustrious Dubai coastline. Immerse yourself in the experience, featuring an assortment of soft drinks, dance-infused music, and a team of professional and amiable crew members dedicated to ensuring your celebration is nothing short of extraordinary.

Explore our fleet of luxury yachts, each with a distinctive stage for your celebration:
Aquarius: 152 feet, designed to accommodate up to 17 guests
Astondoa: 55 feet, perfect for hosting up to 19 guests
Majesty: 56 feet, a welcoming space for up to 23 guests
Azimut: 62 feet, ideal for parties of up to 25 guests
Gulf Craft: 75 feet, offering ample space for up to 32 guests
Posillipo: 85 feet, thoughtfully designed for celebrations with up to 40 guests
Duretti: 85 feet, with a capacity of up to 35 guests
Kvaerner: 100-foot superyacht, ready to accommodate up to 45 guests
Majesty: 88 feet, an ideal choice for gatherings of up to 40 guests
Majesty: 101-foot superyacht, designed to host up to 50 guests
Benetti: 115-foot superyacht, providing ample space for up to 40 guests
Integrity: 55 feet, a charming space for hosting up to 19 guests
Majesty: 101 feet, a perfect choice for celebrations with up to 50 guests

Indulge in a New Year’s Eve celebration that transcends ordinary boundaries—select from our fleet of luxurious yachts for a night of unparalleled grandeur and style. Act swiftly to secure your booking and ensure this New Year’s Eve becomes a legendary affair, etched forever in the tapestry of your cherished memories!

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