Chartering a luxury yacht in Dubai is quite easy. However, you need to look at few points to avoid that a long time dreamed cruise ends up in a disappointing cruise.

  • An authorized yacht must show a very visible registration plate “DT…..” followed by the registration numbers. If you rent a yacht with a different registration code there are many chances that your cruise might end up in a nightmare.

  • Tell the broker the number of your guests and make sure that your yacht can accommodate your party. Remember that the number of agreed guests makes no difference between a child or an adult that means that it is the agreed number of guests represents the number of lives on board.

  • Agree with the broker on the itinerary of your cruise for the number of hours you are booking.

  • Inspecting the yacht before booking it is highly advisable. Look at the cleanliness of the yacht: a clean neat yacht is generally a good indication that the yacht is well maintained in term of the safety of operations.

  • Last, but not least, when you inspect the yacht talk to the Captain. Most of the time your Captain and crew will make the difference and will make your cruise a pleasant and memorable one.

  • We at Aquarius Yacht Rental, are very proud to meet the requirements of the most discerning customers. Our quality surveys indicate that 100% of the answers were no less than the maximum level of satisfaction.