Sounds good. 
Arange some complementary evenings early dinner=
for presentation i will call some influencer’s to try your food on the yac=
We will make some good shots with food which wi=
ll be useful for us to offer our clients. 
So we will make bookings on customers request a=
nd we will order from you. 

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From: Catherine McTaggart &=
Sent: Thursday, July 21, 2022 1:13:27 AM
To: info@aquarius-yacht.com <info@aquarius-yacht.com>
Subject: Partnership Opportunity

Hi there,
How are you?
My name is Catherine and I am par=
t of the team at Dubai based PR agency The Comms Club. One of our clients, =
Ultra Brasserie in Dubai Marina is located within a close proximity to wher=
e your yachts depart from and they
are interested in exploring the possibility of a partnership with you.&nbs=
Ultra Brasserie is a modern, vibr=
ant cafe that has a wide range of options on their menu including wraps, sa=
lads, drinks and sweets that would be perfect for guests on your yachts.&nb=
sp; Their Instagram @ultrabrasserie will
give you an indication of some of their menu items. 
The partnership could include you=
r guests pre-ordering food items prior to their trip or there are numerous =
other ways the two brands could partner together – We’d love to discuss the=
se further if you’re open to it. 
Please let me know if it’s someth=
ing you would be interested in or if you have any questions. 
Have a great day,