Celebrating a birthday, or having family and friends gatherings on luxury yacht private charters, has become very trendy in the most glamorous areas of the Worlds.

No wonder why Dubai posh customers are looking at chartering luxury yachts or superyachts as the venue for celebrating their events or just to spend valuable time with their friends or business partners.

There are at least five reasons why to celebrate an event on a private luxury yacht.

Impress: You want that your party is a memorable and impressive one for your invitees. Nothing is more memorable and impressive than an event held on a private luxury yacht; An event held on a private luxury yacht is impressive and memorable.

Escape: Leaving your hitches on the jetty and sail onto pristine and unconstrained waters out of the usual crowded places, create the ideal environment for a successful gathering. The stunning coastlines will add pleasure to the party; Sail onto pristine and unconstrained waters.

Luxury and Comfort: Luxury yachts and superyachts exude luxury and beauty whilst providing all comforts. The large, spacious decks are perfect for sunbathing, whilst the lavish interiors are finely and delightfully decorated. As the ultimate luxury, most superyachts are equipped with Jacuzzi; Ultimate Luxury: the Jacuzzi.

Service: Luxury yachts and superyachts offer first class service. Crews are trained to pamper the guests, yet leaving them undisturbed and respecting their privacy; Luxury service.

Food and Entertainment: Whether your party is a business one, or you are gathering family and friends, on-board entertainment on a luxury yacht or superyacht charter is designed to delight the most discerning guests. You can treat your guests with five-star food and bubbling grape. Luxury yachts exude luxury and beauty whilst providing all comforts.

We at Aquarius, boast a fleet of luxury yachts that are unrivalled in style and décor with impressive varieties of onboard service and entertainment. Book with us a luxury yacht charter for your events.

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