The coming year is about to unfold and it is only fitting that we celebrate all the good things that this year has given us. Hosting a party would be the ideal way to welcome the coming year, but doing it on the same, old events places might feel like a little overdone and typical. You might want to consider planning your party somewhere else than dry land.

Spending your holidays at a party yacht

One of the fast-rising popular party location today are luxury yachts and boats. For those who are looking forward to a one-of-a-kind party, a yacht would be an ideal location. A number of boat charter companies are offering party yacht packages, complete with event amenities and coordination. These boat hire companies cater to any occasion, including New Year’s Eve celebrations.

If you are looking for more reasons to welcome 2019 on a luxury yacht rental in Dubai, read on this list:

Amazing coastline view

Common event places and venues can offer customised backdrop thru event styling and design. But nothing beats that natural beauty of the picturesque Dubai coastlines, especially during the New Year’s Eve. The glittering view of the stars and coastline can serve as your party backdrop. And you can have a spectacular view of the fireworks extravaganza once the clock strikes 12.

Sumptuous cuisine

Cruises and luxury yacht rental Dubai offer some of the most delicious New Year’s Dinner menus to guests and partygoers. Upon requests, party hosts can customise their party menus and request of special dishes to be served to guests.

Luxurious accommodation

Party boats and yachts ranging from small vessels to large yachts that can accommodate big groups of people. These kind of vessels can definitely hold extravagant parties and still provide comfort to people aboard. With amenities included, guests can definitely feel like they are at home even when they are in the middle of the sea. 

Full-packed activities

Some people think that yachts parties have limited activities due to space limitations and location. But on the contrary, partygoers can enjoy a number of activities laid out by party organisers. New Year’s Eve party activities can include water activities in the afternoon and welcome the New Year by partying all night.

Explore offbeat destinations

If the guests are not much into the loud party scene, you can treat your guests with breathtaking views of amazing destinations that are unexplored by common tourists. Exploring offbeat coasts can be an excellent way to end the year and welcome the new one.

Enjoy your privacy

Hosting a party requires you to look out for unwanted guests who are trying to gain VIP access to your party. But if you are planning to spend your New Year’s Eve with your close friends and loved ones, a yacht would be the perfect platform to hold your party sans uninvited guests.

Excellent service

One of the reasons why a number of party hosts are opting to host their soiree in a yacht is because of superior service from the staff and crew. Charter companies understand the hassle of organising a New Year’s Eve party since you need to get numerous staff to serve the guests. Yacht party organisers always ensure that they have enough staff and crew to provide the highest quality of service.

Unforgettable party experience

If you are aiming to make the last few hours of the year a memorable one, what better venue to celebrate than in a yacht. With a luxury party yachts, you can definitely create memorable events that are exciting and worth remembering.