Few Reasons to have private night cruise in Dubai during the Summer

An increasing number of tourists are coming to Dubai during the Summer. The sizzling sun does not hamper the visitors to enjoy an exciting holiday.

Dubai offers an unbeatable number of indoor shopping attractions, gastronomic experience, family entertainments, luxury hotels and Malls at discounted price.

Dubai is also a great seashore location with a unique iconic shoreline and pristine waters. A private night cruise on a luxury yacht gives you the opportunity to make full experience of the Dubai lifestyle, to relax in style, to enjoy the Dubai by night from a different perspective.

We, at Aquarius, have a wide selection of special offers for this Summer.

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Celebrating a birthday, or having family and friends gatherings on luxury yacht private charters, has become very trendy in the most glamorous areas of the Worlds.

No wonder why Dubai posh customers are looking at chartering luxury yachts or superyachts as the venue for celebrating their events or just to spend valuable time with their friends or business partners.

There are at least five reasons why to celebrate an event on a private luxury yacht.

  • Impress: You want that your party is a memorable and impressive one for your invitees. Nothing is more memorable and impressive than an event held on a private luxury yacht;
  An event held on a private luxury yacht is impressive and memorable

An event held on a private luxury yacht is impressive and memorable

  • Escape: Leaving your hitches on the jetty and sail onto pristine and unconstrained waters out of the usual crowded places, create the ideal environment for a successful gathering. The stunning coastlines will add pleasure to the party;
  Sail onto pristine and unconstrained waters

Sail onto pristine and unconstrained waters

  • Luxury and Comfort: Luxury yachts and superyachts exude luxury and beauty whilst providing all comforts. The large, spacious decks are perfect for sunbathing, whilst the lavish interiors are finely and delightfully decorated. As the ultimate luxury, most superyachts are equipped with Jacuzzi;
  Ultimate Luxury: the Jacuzzi

Ultimate Luxury: the Jacuzzi

  • Service: Luxury yachts and super yachts offer first class service. Crews are trained to pamper the guests, yet leaving them undisturbed and respecting their privacy; 
 Luxury service

Luxury service

 Luxury service

Luxury service

  • Food and Entertainment: Whether your party is a business one, or you are gathering family and friends, on-board entertainment on a luxury yacht or superyacht charter is designed to delight the most discerning guests. You can treat your guests with five-star food and bubbling grape.
  Luxury yachts exude luxury and beauty whilst providing all comforts

Luxury yachts exude luxury and beauty whilst providing all comforts

We at Aquarius, boast a fleet of luxury yachts that are unrivalled in style and décor with impressive varieties of onboard service and entertainment. Book with us a luxury yacht charter for your events.

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Tips to Charter a Luxury Yacht in Dubai


Charter a luxury yacht in Dubai is quite easy. However, you need to look at few points to avoid that a long time dreamed cruise ends up in a disappointing cruise. 

  • An authorized yacht must show a very visible registration plate “DT…..” followed by the registration numbers. If you rent a yacht with a different registration code there are many chances that your cruise might end up in a nightmare.
  • Tell the broker the number of your guests and make sure that your yacht can accommodate your party. Remember that the number of agreed guests makes no difference between a child or an adult that means that it is the agreed number of guests represents the number of lives on board.
  • Agree with the broker on the itinerary of your cruise for the number of hours you are booking. 
  • Inspecting the yacht before booking it is highly advisable. Look at the cleanliness of the yacht: a clean neat yacht is generally a good indication that the yacht is well maintained in term of the safety of operations. 
  • Last, but not least, when you inspect the yacht talk to the Captain.  Most of the time your Captain and crew will make the difference and will make your cruise a pleasant and memorable one.
  • We at Aquarius Yacht Rental, are very proud to meet the requirements of the most discerning customers. Our quality surveys indicate that 100% of the answers were no less than the maximum level of satisfaction.

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There are at least four reasons to celebrate Valentine Day by a Luxury Yacht Cruise

Another year, another Valentine day. You may be asking yourself how do I impress my special one this year? What do we do differently from last year? Dubai offer among the most luxury Hotels, restaurants and clubs in the World where you can spend a romantic evening with your most loved one. Probably that was what you did last year and the year before last. 

Do something different and offer to your most loved one a memorable experience yet different from previous years. A luxury yacht offers the same sumptuousness of the most renowned hotels in town, you may choose to have delicious food prepared by professional chefs and served by impeccable waiters.

You may have more than that: you may want to start from the view of an incomparable sunset and continue with a moving view of the Dubai coast line, whilst you are having your glass of bubble.
Last but not least charter a yacht offers a unique sense of privacy. Off the crowded places, you can fully enjoy the romantic Valentine night either if you want to dance or if you just want to relax on the decks with a soft music with your loved one or if you want to gather with few "Valentine Couples" friends.

A well-trained crew will pamper you whilst discreet and respectful of your privacy. Aquarius Yacht Rental has a wide range of offers to meet the requirements of our most discerning guests yet at affordable costs.

Valentine's offer

Aquarius Yacht Rental celebrate the Dubai shopping Festival 2016

The Dubai Shopping Festival, the longest running event of its kind, is now back for the 21st time. It is the time of frantic shopping, unbeatable deals and celebrity performance.

During the Festival, Dubai shops offer discounts on their merchandise and, along with unbeatable deals, amazing events and celebrity performance celebrate the Festival. There are many events that surround the Festival, such as daily car raffles, fashion on ice on the Dubai Mall's famous skating rink: there's an event for everyone during Dubai Shopping Festival.

As at the most Dubai events the Fireworks shows cannot be missed. For the entire month of January during the weekend (Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights), remarkably amazing fireworks will be shown at The Beach, JBR, Global Village or the Creek Park.

What about having a relaxing cruise with your most favourite people on a luxury yacht after a day of "shop until drop". Either if you are a tourist or a Dubai resident, a cruise along the Dubai coastline would enhance your experience of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Aquarius Yacht Rental is participating in this worldwide known event by offering luxury cruising at a discount of 20% over the season prices.

We are offering few packages to meet the requirements of our most discerning customers. The packages can be tailored to your requirements when you contact us.